What is a affiliated web site

Q. what is a affiliated web site ?

A. It means when you search on a affiliated site it searches the whole of the market for the most competitive prices on the market.

Q. who collects the money ?

A. once you have search for a flight or hotel booking and have selected your booking of choice and press the select button you will be taken to the appropriate web site of the company of your choice, where upon all you details and transaction will taken by that company not the affiliated site.

Q. how does the affiliated site make its money ?

A. They make commission on any booking you make which is paid by the appropriate flight or hotel company.

Q. is my money safe if the flight or hotel company i booked with company goes in liquidation ?

A. yes if have used your credited card and if the booking company you booked with is ABTA or  ATOL registered.

Q. does the affiliated site have access to my details ?

A. No it is keep only by the company you booked with. not the affiliated site.

Q does the affiliated site need to be ABTA or ATOL registered.

A. no, because they only a search company not a booking company, please refer to question 4 for more details

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